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CBM Facilities Group - Facility Management Services

Vision, Mission & Values


Our Vision

To empower organizations and businesses to reach their full potential by providing a central hub for all facility services!

Unlimited Services, Unlimited Possibilities! 

Our Mission

Join our mission to revolutionize facility services by connecting with our verified network of grass root service providers for the highest level of quality, safety, and risk management. Experience the convenience of a central hub for all your facility services needs!

Services for you, managed by us! 


Our Values


Connecting for success

Leading the way by building strong partnerships! We partner with known and trusted service providers; excellence is a standard we can claim with confidence!


Can do mindset

Focus on resourcefulness not resources. Drive performance, innovation and technology. We are solution orientated, always striving to exceed expectations and raise the bar! 



Encouraging a culture of teamwork, where everyone's contributions are valued to achieve the best solutions and build long-term relationships! 


Effective communication, exceptional results

Clear, transparent and timely communication is essential in building trust, fostering collaboration and driving results!


Valuing Community Spirit & Diversity

National Focus: Local People
Passionate about supporting and empowering our clients, local businesses and communities. Providing opportunities for communities to grow and flourish! 

Safety Culture

A passionate and unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and security of all. With relentless focus, open communication, and united efforts, we conquer risk! 

CBM Facilities Group Safety Culture