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CBM Facilities Group - Facility Management Services

Vision, Mission & Values


Our Vision

We want to empower organisations and businesses with the ability to scale and grow beyond their own expectations.
By managing an extensive range of services across multiple industries, we give back valuable time that can be better invested in business planning, strategy and evolution. Our enduring vision is also one where every team member is safely protected, respected and valued by everyone, on-site or off.

Our Mission

CBM is on a mission to create strong business relationships and mutually beneficial partnerships. We offer a can-do mindset for responsiveness with a focus on resourcefulness over resources. 
From the first time you contact us, not only do we ask if we can help but how we can deliver what you need in a reasonable amount of time with the best possible value.

Our Values


Win-Win For All

We will never stop building trust through the formation of valuable long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with a promise of quality, safe workmanship and respectful working environments.


Can-do Mindset

We focus on resourcefulness, not resources. We ask how we can do something, not can we? We don’t stop until we find the best solution - and apply it. We work with the best in the business to deliver prompt turnarounds and a 95%+ job response time hit.


Getting It Right The First Time

As we ensure the right people for the job, we get it right the first time every time. Our network is our net worth, and as we partner with known and trusted contractors, excellence is a standard we can claim with confidence.


Protect & Preserve

We take a vigilant, proactive and diligent approach to safeguarding the wellbeing of everyone and uphold a ZERO incident target. Through focus, communication, collaboration we minimise risk and keep people safe.


Valuing Community Spirit & Diversity

National Focus: Local People
We champion a culture of respect, diversity, equal opportunities and inclusivity by embracing our differences. As a unified team, we support communities and their economies by partnering with locally-based trade service partners. This provides more opportunities for building prosperous, win-win environments where businesses can grow and flourish.

Adapt & Evolve

We’re always looking to raise the bar. We are solution-oriented, always striving to exceed expectations by seeking out ways to upskill and upgrade. 
We’re driven to continually improve our performance and stay across the latest industry innovations and technology.
CBM Facilities Group Adapt and Evolve