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Project in Rail Corridor

Rail Industry


Our valued client schedules all projects months or years in advance. This level of planning ensures no major disruption to the rail service with minimal downtime.

Projects involving various service providers and organisations need precise communication. It takes one stakeholder change or non-compliance to disrupt and shut down the entire project.

The client was looking for a facility management provider to coordinate and manage time-critical projects. They needed to streamline communication and put in place a risk management process and ensure full compliance.


CBM implemented a communication process for all stakeholders. This included scheduling the pre-work meetings with the Protection Officer for planned service delivery.

We identify and verify compliance information for service providers so they are up to date with compliance information.

Finally, we implemented the SWMS and Safety Inductions for the client. We prepared and reviewed the Rail Industry Worker Card and High-Risk Permits for compliance before the commencement of work.


The seamless communication plan and adherence to compliance processes ensured smooth project execution without disruptions, while prioritizing the safety of service providers and stakeholders within the rail corridor.