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CBM Facilities Group (CBM) is a total facility service solution, working in partnership with corporate Australia enabling you to focus on your core business now and into the future.

CBM is in business to create real value for our clients. Our strategy is to provide multi-site, multi-trade facility services to corporate Australia through a network of diversified prequalified contractors, differentiating itself from the market through focused attention to safety, compliance, quality and communication.

CBM Facilities Group specializes in the facility and maintenance services of organisations with complex branch networks, by outsourcing these functions you can:

  • devote precious resources to your core activities
  • do so with the full confidence that facility management functions required for the safety and comfort of staff and customers, required by law and manufactures warranties are coordinated on-time and reflect best practice in facility management.
  • mitigate risk and avoid penalties, avoid reputational damage and limit premature wear or failure of property, associated appliances and equipment.
  • be confident that every contractor that carries out these functions will be fully qualified, insured, inducted, hold the appropriate clearances, will undertake their work in the safest manner possible and at the right price, adding real value for our clients.

Do you have systems in place to manage all the ongoing and regular functions that facilities management requires?
How confident are you that the person who turns up is appropriately qualified to perform that task and will carry out that work in a way that won’t compromise their safety or that of you, your staff and your customers? Are you sure that the contractors you presently source represent good value, in terms of safety, price and quality?

If any of these questions raise doubts about your current facility management practices, then CBM welcomes the opportunity to show you a better way…

So why CBM:

  • Ease of engagement
  • Safety focused
  • Pricing confidence
  • Quality focused
  • Flexibility to meet client requirements
  • No more hunting down contractors
  • Excellent communication
  • Strict contractor selection process – Due diligence
  • Performance management and flexible reporting
  • One call to one number, Australia wide, for any job – 24/7 peace of mind, all year round
  • National focus, local tradespeople, supporting local communities
  • Australian owned and operated company


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