Compliance & Certification

  • CM3

    Cm3 is Australia’s leading online contractor WHS prequalification system. Cm3 addresses the need for both contractors and the organisations they conduct work for to demonstrate contractor health and safety management capabilities. CBM Facilities Group has been pre-qualified since 2011 and had our WHS management system certified on a yearly basis, continually improving our systems and processes.


    Ariba provides the world’s largest business network, best-in-class cloud procurement solutions and innovative business models to help modernise and grow business. CBM Facilities Group is excited to be a registered member, continually growing our client base and improving relationships, managing our supply chain and adapting to an ever-changing environment with a specific focus on innovation and technology.


    Rapid Global is an Award Winning Workplace Health and Safety Software Provider and offers workforce management software for many large organisations. CBM Facilities Group is pre-qualified ensuring the highest standards of WHS compliance.


    CBM Facilities Group is a member of the NSW Business Chamber and uses this service for continued business consulting and solutions.

  • iPRO

    iPRO LIVE Solutions delivers real-time, cloud based vendor compliance technology to drive business continuity and performance. CBM partners with iPRO LIVE, using compliance management systems to minimise risk, protect reputations, increase productivity and profits.


    CBM carries out all of its services with reference to its environmental management policy. CBM, its staff, and its contractors do what’s practicable to make a difference and to minimise any environmental legacy that we might leave behind. From adopting the most basic practices such as purchasing recycled copy paper and purchasing 100% carbon offsets for all travel, through to more significant activities such as retrofitting workplaces with energy efficient technologies, CBM’s staff seeks to impact our environment for good.


    CBM is committed to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees, contractors, visitors and members of the public who are affected by our work through continually striving to prevent injuries and illnesses in the workplace. CBM’s staff place a high priority on safety and for many of its clients and contractors, this approach to safety and compliance is what differentiates CBM from its competitors. CBM’s record of compliance with safety, licencing, accreditations, standards, legal requirements and client policies is outstanding, operating and meeting the requirements of its WHS Management system that is accredited by CM3, Australia’s leading online contractors WHS prequalification system.


    CBM carries out its services in accordance with its quality policy. Its system and processes have been designed in line with ISO9001 quality management principles and seek to identify and manage risk. CBM’s quality management system achieves high levels of compliance and is working towards third party certification and a goal of its current strategic plan is to achieve this by December 2020.


    Devote precious resources to your core activities with full confidence that facility management required for the safety and comfort of staff and customers, required by law and manufactures’ warranties, are coordinated on-time and reflect best practice in facility management.


    Mitigate risk, avoid penalties and reputational damage, limit premature wear or failure of property, associated appliances and equipment.


    Be confident that every contractor will be fully qualified, insured, inducted, hold the appropriate clearances, will undertake their work in the safest manner possible and at the right price, adding real value to your business, fully managed and supported by CBM Facilities Group.